Tribes of Women Annual Membership

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  • Last Update March 28, 2022


Who do we serve?

You, each one of you.
It is About women, For women, By women
Essentially it is about YOU- the individual and your journey in life.
We like to connect to women to facilitate a process to be a better version of themselves, feel confident and learn to identify their coping strategies in this uncertain world. We believe that each one of us has had a unique path. While the paths might have been similar, each individual brings a unique flavor to their journey. That’s why it is ABOUT YOU. It is FOR YOU.

We welcome women who want to:

– Open up and share their stories with other women
– Find a connection while listening to others share their stories
– Learn how others have managed and found solutions
– Break their usual patterns of dealing with situations, absorb others’ behaviors and form new habits.

You will get:

  • A caring and supportive community (Rs 5000).
  • A non-judgmental forum that encourages learning from others’ life experiences (Rs 12000).
  • Opportunities to take control of the direction of your life journey (12000).
  • Theme based Growth Shop (Rs 5000)

Bonus 1: A comprehensive orientation to Menopause –Challenges and Curated Solutions (Rs 5000).

Bonus 2: A self-care book curated for YOU (Rs 199).

Bonus 3: Curated list of experts from all fields (Rs 499).

Bonus 4: A platform to showcase your tale

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