Speak2Win – Learn How to Influence People in Just 1 Week

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From the team that runs, some of the world’s unique Behavioral Courses, we present to you a next-generation course on communication & influence

Warning. This advanced course focuses on communication in the context of speaking to the unconscious, propelling the action, creating impact, and so on. It is not a standard, average, off-the-shelf communication course that talks about body language and eye contact.

Our course is designed based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming’s Milton Erickson Model, Meta Model, Meta Programs and encompasses powerful brain principles that make the course holistic and significant to 21st-century professionals. We have used tried and tested methods in verbal and non-verbal communication operators/techniques that work almost always when used in their true spirits.

By attending this course you will discover some of the key secrets of great leaders & influencers; the inseparable correlation between communication, unconscious mind & action. Think of a Logistics team in any company, it has processes and outcomes that almost every time produce standard outcomes. Competent bodies even associate grading parameters like six sigma for the quality outputs. Similarly, advanced communication skills can produce standard outcomes in the areas of influencing the teams, propelling actions, and building trust throughout the organization.

When you buy this course what’s included…

  • Complete access to 6 hours of Speak2Win recorded course content
  • 2 live zoom group coaching calls covering all 7 sections of the course
  • Certificate of completion
  • Bonus – Complete access to 4.5 hours of NLP for Sales – 7 Secrets of Sales Psychology recorded course content

By attending this course, you will…

  • Discover advanced communication tools that are specifically designed to empower leaders/managers to communicate in today’s uncertain, volatile, not so simple, and ever-evolving space around us.
  • Effortlessly improve your ability to communicate with Clarity, Build Trust & Propel Action
  • Influence anyone at will. Personally and professionally command more attention and collaborators in anything to do and lead.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Influencing anyone at Will
  • Advance Communication Skills
  • How to build instant Rapport & Trust
  • Goals of Communication
  • Action Triangle for Effective Communication
  • Barriers and Gateways of Communication
  • Power of Active Listening and Pause in Communication
  • Milton Erickson Advance Language Patterns for greater Influence
  • Meta Model to challenge any communication and Influence
  • How to create Positive Affirmations for life and career
  • Drivers of Communication
  • How to re-create your Map of the World
  • Brain Principles for understanding communication
  • Speaking to the Unconscious

Topics for this course

38 Lessons

Course Overview

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Goals of Communication

Speaking to the unconscious

Build rapport and trust

Drives of Communication

Influence anyone at will

Become an expert communication

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  • No pre-knowledge or experience is required. Even though we cover advanced topics, it is unlikely that you will have covered the pre-material before so we guide you from the introductory material all the way to the advanced content! pre-knowledge or experience is required. Even though we cover advanced topics, it is unlikely that you will have covered the pre-material before so we guide you from the introductory material all the way to the advanced content!
  • Many self-reflective ideas are discussed throughout the course, and as such students are encouraged to take notes (this is for self-reflection purposes only and isn't mandatory).
  • You can complete this video-based course in your own time and pace (also comes accompanied with a full audio MP3 version). Is easily achievable to complete within 5 to 7 weeks.
  • You can study this training course from the comfort of your own home or favorite cafe at any time. You can access your course lessons from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • This course was created in August 2020, drawing on over a decade of experience, blending in theoretical knowledge, established psychological principles and other appropriate ideological frameworks.
  • Note: Students who benefit most from this program are those who are ready to reflect upon and APPLY the main lessons and theories that are presented herein

Target Audience

  • Who this course is for:
  • If you are a Leader managing large teams, or a Manager handling big and remote projects, or a trainer/coach working with professionals, or a HR professional brining about transformations in your organization, or a school / university student who is seeking a brilliant career, or a creative consultant working in media houses, or a financial consultant advising your clients on investments or a high impact professional working with people day-in and day out; this program is for you.
  • Target students for Speak2Win are those who value the process of personal growth and professional development.
  • If you are a leader or a manager, who is pressed to handle people every day and meet challenging demands. This program best suits for you.
  • Sales Professionals have the need to influence clients and associates all the time. To manage stakeholder to give their clients the best. To manage the vendors to produce great outputs. This course empowers sales champions from across industries to take their outcomes to next level, simply by applying the influencing techniques in their daily work
  • If you are a Trainer, Teacher, Facilitator, Human Resource personnel or considering a career in the same, Communication and Influence is a Specific Mandatory Skill. This course prepares you well to excel in your profession.
  • This course is for those professionally and personally charged individuals who do not like programs that are directive and prescriptive. Speak2Win does not focus on Do’s & Don’ts that are impractical in dynamic situations, rather gives the students freedom to experiment with the learning and give it their own spin.
  • Addresses the core concepts of Communication. Use it in your verbal communication, email writing and telephone communication. Students often like to explore the learning beyond what is mentioned and defined.
  • The main reason why Speak2Win is easy and popular is that the concepts are simple and effortlessly applicable in personal and professional context. Be it professional meetings, client interactions, complaints handling, parenting or improving relationships, it works almost everywhere.
  • This program is agnostic of language. Though the instruction medium is English, one can learn the techniques and concepts in this program and automatically apply in their own language of communication, be it Spanish, Chinese or French etc.
  • One great draw for this course is Self-talk. For the moment, let’s keep aside all the benefits this course offers you to Influence anyone at Will. Students can use the learning in influencing oneself by Positive & Resourceful Self-talk.