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Kartika’s Journey From Rs.20000 to Rs.500000 Per Month01:03:28
Ranjith’s Journey To Rs.300,000 Per Month In 90 Days00:53:47
Slogan’s Journey From Quitting Job To Rs.125,000 Recurring Income00:59:21
Sukin’s Journey From Rs.50,000 To Rs.600,000 In 90 Days01:05:22
Krishna’s Journey Of Transformation In Personal Relationships00:58:04
Vipin Goes From ₹43,000/m Salary To ₹36+ Lacs In Sales In 60 Days01:15:47
Joe Thomas Writes & Launches His First Book In 90 Days01:19:07
Priyank’s Journey From ZERO to Rs.500000 Per Month In 90 Days01:01:54
Bhupendra Goes From ZERO To ₹10.44 Lacs Within 30 Days01:11:17
Raj Nanjunda Goes From ₹40k To ₹400k Per Month In 90 Days01:10:06

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