Freedom Setup Challenge

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How To Set Things Up With Precision00:10:21
Importance Of Setting Up Your Business Entity00:11:26
Total Cost Of Setting Up Your FREEDOM Business00:16:03
How To Create Accounts In Affiliate Marketplaces00:08:01
#1 Affiliate Marketplace For Entrepreneurs00:05:46
Importance Of A Powerful Photoshoot00:08:11
Where To Find A Top-Notch Photographer00:04:56
What Are The Top 3 Domains To Buy00:07:02
How To Manage Your Domains On NAMECHEAP00:01:29
How To Setup Your NAMECHEAP Affiliate Account00:04:49
Buying The Right Hosting Package On BLUEHOST00:05:35
How To Setup Your BLUEHOST Affiliate Account00:03:52
Setting Up Your New GETRESPONSE Account00:04:45
How To Create And Manage Your Lists00:04:16
How To Send Newsletters To Your Leads00:07:27
How To Setup Your Email Auto-Responders00:06:35
How To Setup Your GETRESPONSE Affiliate Account00:03:58
Setting Up Your CLICKFUNNELS Account00:02:58
How To Setup Your First Lead Magnet00:10:52
Why Play The CLICKFUNNELS Game00:02:33
How To Setup Your CLICKFUNNELS Affiliate Account00:03:34
Setting Up Your DEMIO Webinar Account00:18:07
Setting Up Your DEMIO Webinar Account00:18:07
Integrating DEMIO With GETRESPONSE00:03:38
How To Conduct Successful Webinars Using DEMIO00:11:47
How To Automate Your WEBINARS Using DEMIO00:04:23
How To Setup Your DEMIO Affiliate Account00:03:00
Setting Up Your TEACHABLE Account00:05:46
How To Setup A New Course On TEACHABLE00:09:39
How To Setup Pricing, Coupons & Manage Users00:06:11
How To Setup Your Hub On A Custom Sub-Domain00:07:44
How To Setup Your TEACHABLE Affiliate Account00:02:11
eStage – The World’s #1 Website Platform For Entrepreneurs00:11:31
eStage Academy – How To Build Your Own Website In 7 Days00:09:56
How To Setup Your MANYCHAT Account00:09:11
Fastest Way To Build Subscribers Using Keywords00:08:02
How To Send Messages & Automate Sequences00:05:27
Integrate MANYCHAT Growth Tools On Your Blog00:09:19
Setup Your CLICKMAGICK Tracking System00:12:23
Your Custom Tracking Domain On CLICKMAGICK00:05:06
How To Setup Conversion Tracking On CLICKFUNNELS00:12:29
How To Manage Your Link Tracking Groups00:03:11
Setup Your Funnel Tracking System In CLICKMAGICK00:10:31
How To Setup Your CLICKMAGICK Affiliate Account00:02:24
How To Setup Your INSTAMOJO Account00:11:01
Setting Up Your Products On INSTAMOJO00:08:25
How To Setup Your PAYPAL Account00:04:12
Congrats! Ready To Make Some Money?00:05:37
Your Next 90-Day Monetisation Action Plan00:15:09

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